Nursing Schools In Texas (TX)

With obesity and diabetes rates on the rise and a high incidence of infectious disease according to the United Health Foundation, Texans are clearly in need of some quality healthcare. The most vital part of any healthcare team of course is the nursing staff. In hospitals and clinics the world over, its the nurses who keep things running and Texas is no different.

Luckily, finding a nursing school in the Lone Star State has never been easier. Use our list below to find an up-to-the-minute rundown on some of the best nursing colleges in Texas. With schools near Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio there are all kinds of opportunities to earn your degree. No time for school? Not close enough to a campus? No worries. Our online campuses also offer fully accredited learning experiences as well.

It doesnt matter if you want to be an LPN, a CNA or an RN, our Texan nursing schools will give you the training that you need to pursue your certification and career of your choice. So why wait?

As a Texan nurse you will:

  • Assist patients in hospitals, care homes and outpatient centers
  • Carry out minor medical procedures
  • Create and implement patient care plans
  • Administer nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled patients.

Some career figures for nursing professionals in Texas:

  • Average annual salary: $42,260
  • Currently employed: 72,100
  • Employment outlook: 22% growth
  • Most popular degrees: Bachelor’s, Associate’s

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.

Texas Nursing Schools Enrolling Now