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Nursing professionals are without a doubt the most valued members of the healthcare industry. They play vital roles in patient care, health planning, management and even high-level administration. Nursing career specializations can vary widely from basic patient care to hospital management.  With experience and continued education, average annual Registered Nurse salaries are in the $60,000 range (U.S. Department of Labor). With the many options available to you in the field of nursing, your career and education can go any direction you wish. is an online resource for nursing students, professional nurses, and those considering a career in nursing. Click to find nursing programs by state or by zip code, or explore the site to find current information on nursing education, nurse careers, and the nursing industry.

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Nursing schools offer training in a variety of nursing fields, from basic bedside care to advanced healthcare planning.
The direction you pursue with your nursing education will determine how long nursing school will last, and which degree you pursue. Explore the available options to see which is best for you. In this section: Here you’ll find valueable information on registered nursing, nurse assisting and LPN nursing education.

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Browse our catalogue of articles on nursing careers and education to get a better idea of what this exciting and rewarding field holds for you.
In this section: Learn more about the field of nursing and find out if this is the career for you.

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Nurses are the most numerous healthcare professional in employment today, and the field is only gaining popularity as the healthcare industry grows.
With many different career directions available in nursing, your options are nearly unlimited. Explore the various specialties, scopes of duty and work environments here.
In this section: Explore nursing careers such as nurse assisting, Licensed Practical Nursing and the more ambitious RN nursing.

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