33 Weird and Unusual Phobias

Phobias come in all forms and degrees, some more clinical than others. Here are 33 of the most unusual, although to those who suffer from them, they are no laughing matter.

1. Asymmetrical things: Asymmetriphobia
2. Bald people: Peladophobia
3. Being out of cell phone contact: Nomophobia
4. Buttons: Koumpounophobia


5. Chins: Geniophobia

6. Chopsticks: Consecotaleophobia
7. The color purple (not the book): Porphyrophobia
8. Developing a phobia: Phobophobia
9. Everything: Panophobia

10. Flutes: Aulophobia

11. French-speaking Belgians: Walloonphobia
12. Gravity: Barophobia
13. Great mole rat: Zemmiphobia
14. Greek or Latin words, or complex scientific terminology: Hellenologophobia

15. Handwriting: Graphophobia

16. Hearing good news: Euphobia
17. Infinity: Apeirophobia
18. Insects that eat wood: Isopterophobia
19. Justice: Dikephobia

20. Left-handed people or things on the left side of the body: Sinistrophobia

21. Long words: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
22. Opening one’s eyes: Optophobia
23. Opinions: Allodoxaphobia
24. Otters: Lutraphobia

25. Painful or powerful bowel movements: Defecaloesiophobia

26. Paper: Papyrophobia
27. Peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth: Arachibutyrophobia
28. Rectum or rectal diseases: Proctophobia
29. Sitting down: Kathisophobia

30. String: Linonophobia

31. Teenagers: Ephebiphobia
32. Walking: Ambulophobia
33. Wax statues: Automatonophobia

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