The Frightening Details of the Controversial K-E Diet

In a rush to lose 20 or so pounds? Don’t bother dieting or exercising when you can simply shove a feeding tube down your throat for ten days!

It’s called the K-E diet and for the low price of $1,500 interested parties can have a feeding tube inserted through their nose and down into their stomachs that delivers a slow drip of protein and fat, mixed with water, which Continue reading

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Tattoos Provide a Permanent Indication of Medical Wishes

If you’re a diabetic, allergic or have a DNR request in your medical file currently your best way of conveying this information to emergency personnel should a situation arise is to inscribe it on a bracelet. But bracelets snap or break off and can be lost. Now more and more patients are opting for a more permanent form of identification – a tattoo. Continue reading

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Drinking on a Diet: Ten Low-Cal Holiday Drinks

The holidays are fast approaching and we all know what that means. It’s time once again to break our diets and gorge ourselves on food and drinks. However, sugary drinks can take their toll and create a Santa like belly. This creates a problem. Continue reading

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Nurses Sue for Religious Discrimination over Abortion Issue

Twelve New Jersey nurses are suing the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey after the hospital announced new regulations requiring nurses to aid in the care of abortion patients prior to and following their procedure. Although New Jersey has laws in place stating that medical professionals have a right to refuse to perform the procedure, these nurses are refusing in the post and pre-op care of the women in their care, a right the Hospital claims they do not have. Continue reading

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UPDATE: US Judge Finds Cigarette Ads Unconstitutional

Remember when we told you how the poor beleaguered souls at Big Tobacco were complaining about graphic new potential warning labels on their products? Well, a US judge just sided with them, granting a temporary injunction and calling the FDA warnings “unconstitutional.” Continue reading

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Big Tobacco Upset Because New FDA Packaging Makes them Look Bad

It’s one thing to just tell people that smoking can and often times will kill them. But to show them? Well that’s just going too far. A new FDA regulation would require what they call “frank and honest warnings” depicting among other things, a blackened smoker’s lung and a post-autopsy corpse on the front and back top halfs of cigarette packaging. R.J. Reynolds and friends are naturally not too happy about this. So they sued. Continue reading

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Crazy Nursing Stories

These strange-but-true nursing stories were told by nurses and nurse assistants in various places around the Web. Continue reading

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10 Amazing Medical Miracles

Despite the advanced training and expertise of doctors and nurses, some events defy medical reason and can be labeled only as “miraculous”…

Dead Woman Wakes After Onset of Rigor Mortis
Charleston, West Virginia: Relatives gathered around the hospital bed to say goodbye to Val Thomas, 59, after she suffered two heart attacks and displayed no brainwaves for over 17 hours, but despite having no pulse and Continue reading

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Historic Deadly Plagues and How They Would Be Treated Today

History is full of catastrophes, and a plague is without doubt one of the deadliest. Modern medicine provides relief from some of them these days, but in past centuries humans have been at the mercy of all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other icky stuff.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Here is a list of famous human pandemics, and how the diseases responsible would be handled today. Continue reading

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33 Weird and Unusual Phobias

Phobias come in all forms and degrees, some more clinical than others. Here are 33 of the most unusual, although to those who suffer from them, they are no laughing matter.

1. Asymmetrical things: Asymmetriphobia
2. Bald people: Peladophobia
3. Being out of cell phone contact: Nomophobia
4. Buttons: Koumpounophobia Continue reading

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